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Political Organization
Burkina Faso, a secular and democratic country: Independent since 1960, Burkina Faso is a secular state characterized by the multiparty political system and freedom of the press. Since the reintroduction of the rule of State in 1991, the various elections are held regularly (presidential, legislative and municipal).

The Institutions :

• The National Assembly, fourth legislature, multi-party political representation;
• The judiciary consists of four higher courts:
• The Constitutional Council.
• The Supreme Court of Appeal,
• The Council of State,
• The Court of Auditors and a special court:
• The High Court of Justice.

The domain of justice is undergoing major reforms.

The other institutions and organs of the State consist of:

Consultative structures: the Economic and Social Council (ESC) and the National Ethics Committee (CNE); Regulatory bodies: the mediator of Burkina Faso, the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Higher Council of Communication (CSC);
Control Structures: Superior State Control Authority (ASCE) and the Regulation Authority of Public Markets (ARMP).

The Role of the Press

The exercise of democracy has given rise to many organs of the Press. Today, the media landscape has four dailies of which three are private, seven private weeklies, a private monthly, four television channels of which three are private, About twenty radio stations of which three are public. All these bodies are working to raise awareness of the people. The world ranking of press freedom of the year 2008, published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), October 22 2008, Burkina Faso ranked 7th highest in Africa and ranks 63rd in the world out 173 concerned countries.


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