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A complex and fascinating history of some sixty-five ethnic groups, Burkina Faso today is made of all the stories of these same ethnic groups, stories that are independent, parallel and sometimes with common episodes.  It is even more difficult to reconstruct the various episodes of this history as it has not been written but told, or rather recounted. What is certain is that Burkina Faso has a tormented history.

The Mossi people, who would create powerful kingdoms in this region of the Niger loop, came here towards the fifteenth century. For certain people, they came from the Lake Chad region. Their long migration led them, in a first step to Ghana. Today one believes that the small town of Gambaga, just north of the country, was the first major doorway of dispersion of the Dagomba, Mamprousi and Nankana tribes from which the future Mossi and Gourmantche dynasties were born.  



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