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Burkina Faso means "Land of honest people" and covers an area of 274,200 km2. 
It is situated in West Africa. It is a landlocked country surrounded by 6 countries. Niger in the East, Mali in the Northwest, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin to the South. Devoid of a coastline, it is more than 500 kms from the shores of the Gulf of the Guinea.

The Population of Burkina Faso is approximately 14,017,262. The

majority of the population is rural and agriculture is  the main source of income. The relationship between Burkina Faso and India dates as far back as one generation. Since its independence in 1960, Burkina Faso has maintained friendly relations with India. Both countries share in common their adherence to non alignment, their belief in the value of democracy and justice, and their commitment to cooperation for developing countries. Moreover, both countries have been under colonial rule. Burkina Faso has also maintained friendly relations with countries that fall within the jurisdiction of the Embassy. 
This site’s goal is to present a variety of information on Burkina Faso and present its vast economic potential to the public. Our nation’s history is unique and is full of events and experiences that have created our identity. We hope that our site will provide the necessary information to decision makers, Business developers, students, citizens and anyone eager to know more about our country.

For more information please contact us at the Embassy of Burkina Faso.

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Burkina Faso's 14.84 million people (2007) belong to two major West African cultural groups--the Voltaic and the Mande (whose common language is Dioula). The Voltaic Mossi make up about one-half of the population.
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Although Burkina Faso is not self sufficient in food, agriculture in Burkina Faso has tremendous potential. It employs a vast majority of the work force and accounted for 31 percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 2004.
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The latest report of the International Financial Corporation (IFC) classes Burkina Faso among the top ten reform oriented countries of the world and the five best in Africa for the consistency in its efforts for reform
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Starting in 1990 and amid protests, Compaoré opened the way for the liberalization of the regime.The government drew up a new constitution for multiparty elections. The constitution was approved in a referendum in 1991.
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